Smile Makeover

"Wear your smile with confidence."


Nothing you can wear is more important than your smile , but sometimes malaligned teeth , crooked teeth , yellowish teeth ,gap in teeth , chipped teeth or shape of teeth may affect the confidence , eventually making you smile less , right? Garg’s dentario is the best clinic in Gurgaon when looking to improve appearance & health of your teeth & gums . This is achieved through series of dental procedures . Garg’s dentario actually offers digital smile designing also for predesigning & test drive of your smile . we do an initial assessment with patient , understand their needs , expectations & personalities , we also click series of photographs to evaluate force , lip colour , eye colour & cheeks . We then digitally design your smile in your 1st appointment itself , if you like your new designed smile , we proceed to your options on how to wear these new smiles .

Who is smile makeover is admired ?

Gap In Teeth

Chipped Teeth

Crooked Teeth


Malaigned Teeth

Blackish Teeth

Gummy Smiles

What are various treatments offered for smile makeovers ?




Theeth Whitening

Crown Lengthening Procedures