Scaling and Polishing

"Say forever goodbye to cavaties and bacteria."

Scaling & Polishing

We consume different meals & beverages throughout the day , the already present bacteria of mouth , mixes with these food items , it forms an invisible layer on outer surface of teeth & this is called a plaque . This plaque can cause damage to gums & can cause halitosis (bad breath) , hence we at garg’s dentario offers painless dental scaling & polishing source to remove this plaque .

What are the benefits of scaling & polishing ?

  • 1. Remove plaque & prevent gum disease
  • 2. Helps in reducing bad breath
  • 3. Removes stains from teeth
  • 4. Helps maintaining freshness in mouth

Who requires scaling & polishing ?

You require dental cleaning if you have following :

Bad Breath

Brownish Teeth

Yellowish Teeth

Gums Bleeding

What is the process of scaling & polishing ?

At garg’s dentario we offer painless dental cleaning using best technology & machine . In first our sitting we can help reducing bacteria & removing plaque . As follow up , we do follow up checkup 6 months later .

How much time does it take & what is the approximately charges ?

Dental cleaning require maximum 1-2 appointment & it has 2k-3k investment.