Scaling and Polishing

"Say forever goodbye to cavaties and bacteria."

Scaling & Polishing

We consume different meals & beverages throughout the day , the already present bacteria of mouth , mixes with these food items , it forms an invisible layer on outer surface of teeth & this is called a plaque . This plaque can cause damage to gums & can cause halitosis (bad breath) , hence we at garg’s dentario offers painless dental scaling & polishing source to remove this plaque .

What are the benefits of scaling & polishing ?

  • 1. Remove plaque & prevent gum disease
  • 2. Helps in reducing bad breath
  • 3. Removes stains from teeth
  • 4. Helps maintaining freshness in mouth

Who requires scaling & polishing ?

You require dental cleaning if you have following :

  • Bad breath
  • Brownish teeth
  • Yellowish teeth
  • Gums bleeding

What is the process of scaling & polishing ?

At garg’s dentario we offer painless dental cleaning using best technology & machine . In first our sitting we can help reducing bacteria & removing plaque . As folloe up , we do follow up checkup 6 months later .

How much time does it take & what is the approximately charges ?

Dental cleaning require maximum 1-2 appointment & it has 2k-3k investment.

Benefits :

Tooth discoloration and staining are a problem that many of us face despite taking the best care of our dental health. These stains are caused by plaque and tartar deposits on the surface of our teeth.

  • Prevents future dental problems

    Scaling and polishing deeply cleanse the teeth by removing bacterial buildup, plaque, tartar, etc. This prevents the formation of cavities, the possibility of gum diseases, and other dental issues.

  • Painless procedure

    Tooth polishing is a quick and painless procedure that ensures careful cleaning of the teeth with no abrasion to the tooth whatsoever.

  • Treats tooth discoloration

    Scaling and polishing not only get rid of the bacteria, plaque, and tartar buildup but also get rid of pigments stuck to the teeth, thereby giving you a clean and bright smile.