"Your smile deserves the crown of elegance.

What's so special about crowns?

A crown is a perfect solution for a missing tooth. It can replace the tooth that may be affected or damaged due to various conditions. We restore your dental structure by replacing the missing or damaged tooth that aids in improving your dental health.

A crown also called a tooth cap, is put when a single tooth needs to be replaced. At our clinic, we ensure that the crown resembles your natural tooth color.

At Gargs Dentario, we recommend getting a crown to replace your damaged teeth or even protect them from fracturing and further damage. It is also a suitable means to protect your tooth after a root canal treatment.

Benefits :

Tooth decay is not only a sign of poor dental health but can also lead to other problems. It can also cause reduce the beauty of your smile. Thankfully, Garg's Dentario crowns procedure can help reverse the damage caused by tooth decay and help give you a picture-perfect smile

  • Very efficient

    As compared to other dental aesthetic procedures, developing crowns are minor procedures that hardly take any time. This short procedure is highly effective and provides immediate and long-term results.

  • Highly functional

    Crowns improve the usability of the damaged tooth and work like a natural tooth. We ensure that your crown's color matches your natural teeth, so it not only feels but also looks natural.

  • Superior quality of treatment

    At Dr. Arushi's Dental Clinic, we have the right expertise and an unmatched quality of the equipment that ensures that you get the best treatment with maximum comfort.