Dental Whitening

"Choose your hue of white."


Today , technology has provide us with multiple options to enhance the look & feels of our smiles , but the simplest & most effective of all procedures is dental whitening.

Over time our teeth loose their natural whiteness & became stained or sometimes we have naturally yellowish teeth . so why wait visit garg’s dentario to get teeth whitening on golf course road & gift yourself Hollywood smile.

Who needs teeth whitening ?

Teeth whitening is very effective in cases where one has yellowish teeth or has stains on teeth.

What is the procedure of teeth whitening ?

Teeth whitening is painless procedure of 40-45 mins done over one to two appointments . the whitening agent is applied on tooth surface which breaks down the coloured pigments on teeth . After some minutes the agent is washed away carefully leaving behind white sparkly tooth surface.

What is the cost of getting teeth whitening done ?

At garg’s dentario , we use whitening agent as per international standards . the cost usually ranges from 4k- 8k , the cost will also depend on condition of your teeth as well.

Are there any post treatment complications ?

Painless procedure of dental whitening doesn’t really have post treatment complications , but some people may experience tooth sensitivity or very mild irritation of gums . usually in such complications , team at garg’s dentario will provide you full support .

Can teeth whitening be done at home also

Yes, it can , but all tooth surfaces need to be clean & free of plaque or deporits apart from this successful bleaching or whitening if needed to be done at home , you require a custom tray . Dentists at garg’s dentario can evaluate if home whitening will be suitable for you & to go forward with it.