Aesthetic Fillings

"Wear your smile with confidence."


Teeth are build of handset material in nature called Enamel. Enamel although is tough but can decay under continuous attack of bacteria , or it can fracture due to some accident or under some trauma . In such conditions Garg’s Dentario offers you tooth restoration that preserve natural tissue of tooth & restores the decayed or chipped portion of tooth with biocompatible resin materials which are of same colour & texture as that of your tooth.

Who requires tooth filling ?

If you see any following conditions , you requires filling or restoration .

  • Brown discolouration
  • Black spot
  • Tooth fracture
  • Tooth chipping

What is the process of tooth fillings ?

The decay is cleaned thoroughly while preserving natural healthy tooth structure already present . At garg’s dentario we use caries(decay) dye to check for extent of decay & then make sure to preserve tooth present.

Once decay is semoned , the tooth is filled with biocompatible resins like composite this material is of colour & sustainable ,this followed by polishing of components .

Is getting tooth fillings painful ?

Absolutely No. Garg’s dentario offers you completely painless tooth fillings.

How many appointments does it take for tooth fillings ?

Tooth filling process is a single sitting work of 50-60 mins appointment depending upon case.

What is the cost of fillings ?

At , garg’s dentario filling treatment ranges from Rs 2500 to 5500 depending upon case.

How long does tooth fillings last ?

The success rate of a restoration is high & it can last up to many years . With 7 years into practice , we have seen patients still having fillings done by us in then mouth functioning well . they do require regular followers , that’s all.