Painless Fillings For Kids

"Free your child from all dental problems."


All children use their milk teeth until their permanent teeth are ready to come out of their gums . These teeth help them chew , speak , smile & most importantly maintain space in the few for permanent teeth , which will erupt . hence the importance of proper dental care is emphasised from the very start , but sometimes these milk teeth are often damaged , decayed or get cavities despite good oral hygiene .

Garg’s dentario is the best dental clinic on golf course road when it comes to providing best dental care for kids .

What are various dental issues kids can experience ?

  • Nursing bottle caries
  • Thumb sucking
  • Tongue tie
  • Caries
  • Swallow gums

Why milk are important to treat ?

Milk teeth are important to our health here are few reasons why it is important to provide good dental care to milk teeth

  • Speech
  • They are important for proper feeling & nutrition
  • serve as space maintainers for proper alignment of permanent teeth

What are various treatments offered by garg’s dentario ?

Fluoride Therapy

Aesthetic Filling

Space Maintainers

Orthodontics Treatments

Minor Surgery For Tongue Ties

Serial Extraction