Dental Jewellery

"You deserve that jewel."

Why go for dental jewellery?

A bright and sparkling smile is something that we all envy and wish for. We can easily fulfill this wish with a simple visit to our dental clinic for a teeth whitening or a polishing treatment. However, there is a new trend that can make your smile sparkle.

Dental jewelry is a new and upcoming trend that most people are going for these days. It is a simple procedure wherein a jewel is fixed on the surface of your teeth. This provides your smile with an instant upgrade, making it look extra beautiful.

At our clinic, we ensure that your smile's charm is amplified with the correct placement of the jewel. So, smile away and show off your sparkly whites to the world (literally)!

Types of Dental jewelry

Tooth Gems

Brilliance Tooth

Rainbow Crystal

Dental Jewels