"Implanting your confidence painlessly."

Dental Implant

If you are looking for the best and most successful permanent replacement & your missing tooth or teeth , dental implants is the answer. Dental implants are a solution that work efficiently in prolonged period , Garg’s dentario offers best dental implants painlessly .

What is dental implant ?

Any tooth comprises of two parts , root & crown . Root is embedded in our bones & are covered with gingiva or gums. Crown is visible in our mouth . Dental implant is replacement with this root . it is made of biocompatible material like titanium which osseointegrated with bones in 8-12 weeks & once fully attached in jaw , we place a crown on it which is same as natural tooth.

Who requires dental implants ?

In case you have missing tooth or multiple missing teeth , dental implants is the solution for you.

Is getting dental implant painful ?

Garg’s dentario offers you completely painless dental implants n few cases . patient might develop mild swelling on cheeks on sits of implants , but team at garg’s dentario will help you manage it well.

What is the cost of dental implant ?

Usually dental implants ranges from 20k – 60k . The process is done by best implantologist at garg’s dentario .

Benefits :

Dental implants have, over time, become one of the best solutions to replace missing teeth that look natural. Be it replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth; implants can easily make up for any lost tooth.

  • Corrects speech

    Lack of teeth can cause the muscles in the face to sag and make you look old. Dental implants can not only make you look younger but also fix speech impairment caused due to missing teeth.

  • Ensures healthy teeth

    Lost teeth increase the probability of gum disease and even deteriorate the remaining teeth. Dental implants fix this issue, giving you a healthy set of teeth.

  • Beautifies the smile

    Missing teeth can be a major cause of lowered self-esteem and lowered confidence. Dental implants not only feel but also look natural, thereby beautifying your smile.