Orthodontic Braces

"Perfectly manicured teeth for a lifetime."


We can all agree that a smile is the best accessory that anybody can wear . It makes us feel & look confident. While many people are naturally gifted with perfectly straight teeth , some of us need little orthodontics help . Garg’s dentario provides you with range of options to choose from when it comes to correcting smiles . one such option is braces .

What are dental Braces ?

Dental braces are orthodontics appliances which are bended to the tooth surface .

Who requires dental braces ?

Anyone who has gap in teeth , malaligned teeth , small size jaws or bite malfunction can go for dental braces , all these issues can be resolved by dental braces.

What are various dental braces options ?

At garg’s dentario we offer varied options when it comes to dental braces like

  • Metallic Braces
  • Ceramic ( transparent) Braces
  • Damon Braces
  • Insignia Braces

What is the cost of dental braces ?

When it comes to smile correction , orthodontic treatment appear to be little pricey but the treatment done via braces is painfull & longlasting , the metal braces ranges from 45k – 68k , while the transparent braces may ranges from 70k – 88k. Damon & insignia braces are one of the best braces system in the world & they ranges from 90k – 180k .

What is the duration of orthodontics treatment ?

Duration of orthodontics treatment can range from 7months to 1year . It also depends on the condition of teeth.

Benefits :

Tooth decay is not only a sign of poor dental health but can also lead to other problems. It can also cause reduce the beauty of your smile. Thankfully, Garg's Dentario braces procedure can help reverse the damage caused by tooth decay and help give you a picture-perfect smile

  • Permanent solution

    Unlike many other dental treatments, braces offer a permanent solution for crowded, spaced, and crooked teeth. They permanently straighten your teeth, giving you a beautiful smile and increased confidence.

  • Alleviates speech impairment

    Improper positioning of teeth can often cause speech impairments that might lead to decreased self-esteem. Braces can help fix this issue by correctly aligning the teeth and repairing the abnormalities.

  • Reduced chances of other dental problems

    Braces not only help straighten your teeth and perfect your smile. They also help reduce tooth decay, cavities, and gum diseases, thereby maintaining your dental health.