"Bridge the gap between you and your self-esteem."

What's so special about bridges?

Bridges are an excellent solution to fill the gap between the missing teeth of the patient. A missing tooth that is not fixed quickly causes the teeth surrounding it to become unbalanced and may even require removal. This can compromise oral health or even dim the beauty of your smile.

Bridges are permanent and not removable, unlike other types of dentures. The damaged or missing teeth are replaced with artificial teeth that mimic the action of our natural teeth. One tooth on either side of the damaged teeth needs to be prepped for a crown to replace the missing/ damaged teeth.

We have the option of matching the color of the bridges to that of your teeth so that your smile looks natural.

Benefits :

Tooth decay is not only a sign of poor dental health but can also lead to other problems. It can also cause reduce the beauty of your smile. Thankfully, Garg's Dentario bridges procedure can help reverse the damage caused by tooth decay and help give you a picture-perfect smile

  • Restores functionality

    Bridges replace missing teeth and allow you to chew and normally eat, something that would have been difficult to do with missing teeth. It is also helpful in restoring speech impairment caused by missing teeth.

  • Prevents changes in the dental structure

    Missing teeth can lead to changes in the placement and structure of the surrounding teeth. This can lead to changes not only in the dental structure of the teeth but also in the facial structure. Bridges prevent this.

  • Enhanced appearance

    Bridges replace damaged or missing teeth that are often areas of concern for many. If the color of the bridge is matched with the color of your natural teeth, it can lead to enhanced self-esteem and, aesthetically, a great smile.