"Wear your smile with confidence."


Aligners is a modern alternative to traditional metal braces . The state of technology is a removable custom made & transparent tray that is made to fit the concerned patient’s mouth only . Aligners are backed by researchers & has proven to be highly effective technology that aligns you teeth without metal wires .

What is the process of getting aligners ?

Well at garg’s dentario getting aligners is just a two step process. It takes maximum to 2-3 appointments to get your set of aligners . In Ist appointment , digital scanning is done & in next appointment complet set of aligner tray is derived to you ! Following this we prefer meeting patient every 2 months to keep close check on makeover & alignment

Why to choose aligners over metallic braces ?

The most prominent advantages of aligners is that they are barely noticeable . They are comfortable & appropriate oral hygiene can be maintained as well.

What is the cost of getting aligners ?

At garg’s dentario , aligners can range from 80k – 250k . we have an aligner specialist on board who customize the treatment plan just for you.

What is the duration of smile correction by aligners ?

It depends case to case , but usually satisfactory results are achieved in 28 to 34 weeks.